Hybrid Athletics was developed to mobilize, stabilize and enhance the bodies movements producing a continual profit that increases the bodies primary movers. Today we can’t afford to just survive, let's live and thrive mastering a continuum of being optimal in corrective and broken states. Hybrid training increases an individuals mind-set to push pass genetic barriers while increasing a mind-set to live and thrive. 


Ligovi Cross Training #LigoviPride takes pride in breeding hybrid athlete's formulating a training style and culture that fits every age, male and female, every fitness goal and background. which make up the Hybrid Training Building Blocks

  • Movement Principles - Athletics

  • Movement Patterns - Strength 

  • Movement Force - Power

  • Movement Mechanics - Aesthetics

Movement Mechanics

Aesthetics- Is developing individual muscles engaging in mind muscle connection learning how that muscles works

Bodybuilding - Fitness Model

Movement Force

Power- Is the ability to exert maximum muscular contraction instantly an explosive burst of movements

Agility - Cardiovascular Endurance - Sports Specific Skill 

Movement Patterns

Strength - Is the ability to exert force against resistance

Maximum Strength - Elastic Strength - Strength Endurance

Movement Principles

Athletics - Is the Prevention of injuries incurred and reconditioning of injuries incurred stablilizing, mobilizing, and enhancing the bodies movement 

Balance - Co-Ordination - Flexibility


Our mission is to inspire you to become healthier through an effective fitness program


Our goal is to build your self-confidence with the “can do” attitude to make fitness and nutrition a way of life.



  • You are an individual with Ligovi Cross Training (We care about your needs)

  • Quality Training (Focus highly on form & technique)

  • Private chat support

  • Excellent quality service

  • Monthly weigh-in & body measurements

  • Not your typical gym routine

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Unique & encouraging fitness environment

  • Go at your own pace

  • Modifications for all levels

  • Most positive & strongest team in the valley

  • Monthly Ligovi outings

  • Fast results

  • No contract



Why should I join Ligovi Cross-Training?

We are more than just providing the means to fast results…we are about instilling permanent change.


Who joins Ligovi Cross-Training?

People willing to make a change for the better.


How fast can I see results from my efforts at Ligovi Cross-Training?

As early as less than three weeks, depending on your focus and discipline.


What would I receive from joining Ligovi Cross-Training?

Knowledge and skills to reach your successful results!


1 FREE small group quality training class!

Come experience the life changing effect of Ligovi!


Strong mind, heart, body, and soul