Considered our main focus at Ligovi Cross Training, these group classes bring a community of like-minded and goal-oriented individuals who are striving to becoming better through teamwork, motivation, and inspiration.
Far from being your typical boot camp, you can expect more than a just series of sit-ups and jogging intervals. In one combined workout at Ligovi Cross-Training, you’ll be exposed
to building strength and endurance while eliminating body fat, with  lifting weights, cardio, body weight, and plyometric exercises. Clients can range from beginner to advanced with adjustment to weight and modification to exercises with highly focusing on form and technique.
With a different workout every day, your body will be constantly be giving an opportunity to transform into a better you and thus avoiding the pitfalls of plateaus (a period or state of little or no growth or decline).
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​Feeling stuck with the pace of your improvement? Need a little extra help, time or information? Well, Ligovi Cross Training offers private coaching package options.

Let our private coaching service give you that extra edge that will make the difference.


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~Qualitarian 14 Day Detox

~Qualitarian 21 Day Lifestyle transition phase

This breaks down into a few things – 


1. The act of making a choice means you are involved and taking responsibility for what goes into your body. 


2. It also means you need to learn enough to know what the better quality choice is; better quality means the one that the body will recognize easily as fuel, it’s as close to Mother Nature’s whole foods as possible, no chemistry projects here.


3. Finally, making the better quality choice means that every cell generating food is an option so you can respect your cultural influences, your personal preferences, and you can enjoy a variety of food choices. 


The Qualitarian Lifestyle resets the lymphatic system as well as reenergizing the immune  system for a better holistic metabolic effect. We have put much thought into the Qualitarian Lifestyle making sure the food choices rids all toxins, chronic inflammation, mucus build up out the body, bringing the body back into balance developing a stronger foundation to thrive on.