Liliana Gomez

John Frank Kennedy

Owner of Ligovi Cross Training

(Brownsville, Texas)

Head Coach of Nutrition & Hybrid Athletics

Philosophical motto: “With mental strength fear disappears” (Liliana Gomez)

Liliana is passionate about health, wellness and happiness. Her own weight loss of over 80lbs. has given her the experience and drive to dive head-first into this rewarding and motivational field of coaching.Dedicated to fitness and healthy lifestyle, Lily strives to empower others with the passion for fitness and nutrition to help them believe in themselves to reach fulfilled and happier lives.Having struggled with her weight since her early teens, she embarked on her fitness journey in 2010 when her weight reached 232 lbs. Her diagnosed vertigo -- a subtype of dizziness associated with nausea -- only worsened the situation by causing depression and overeating.Despite her vertigo, Lily joined a gym and began eating healthier. Setting short and long term goals, she repeated these affirmations: “I will NEVER weigh what I used to weigh, and I accept having vertigo” and “I'm stronger than what I think and this condition will not stop me”.After dropping over 80 lbs and feeling even stronger a year and eight months later, “Boss Lady” (as most of her family & friends know her) maintains her fitness lifestyle to re-energize her mind, body, and soul.



~ Hybrid Athletics Coach

~ Qualitarian Detox / Lifestyle coach


Richard Marquez

Owner of  the process gym /Process Gym Hybrid Athletics Certification program (Houston, Texas)

John Frank Kennedy Hybrid Athletics, Life/Health Coach, Speaker, 10+years of experience in the health and wellness industry. Has developed a strong team of indiviuals that are making an impact on people's lives everyday. All coaches are in house certified and well educated. All coaches have studied and trained responsibility to gain thier status as a Process Gym Hybrid Athletics Coach. 



~Professional Fitness Trainer Association – Fitness Trainer

~Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness

~National Academy Of Sports Medicine – Certified Trainer

~Complementary and Alternative Medicine Certification Vitamin, Minerals, and Supplement/ Herbalism Specialist

~American Council on Exercise – Personal Trainer

Jermon Hamilton

Head Coach of Nutrition & Hybrid Athletics at 

The process gym (Houston, Texas)



~ Hybrid Athletics Coach

~ Qualitarian Detox / Lifestyle Coach

Hybrid Athletics coach at 

Ligovi Cross Training



~ Hybrid Athletics Coach

Process Gym Certified Hybrid Athletics Coaches

Roselyn Kennedy

Owner of The process gym(Houston, Texas)

As a fitness enthusiast, Roselyn has amassed a wealth of knowledge over the past six years of training for her own benefit as well as for the countless people she has inspired to seek a healthy life style. Roselyn is known for this witty remark, "You can rest when you die, so get that work.”


~ Hybrid Athletics Coach

Dalana Gaines

Mario Gomez
Mario Gomez
Sami Faraj

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